Ignite your intuition and live a Divinely Guided and centered way everyday.

This course is some of my best work! I want to help you let go of your doubts about being intuitive. This 5-day challenge will help new intuitives and seasoned intuitives shift their perspective of intuition and to get easy, fast intuitive answers!

I have questions and meditations that will support you in your intuitive awakening! This course includes some of the best information I’ve discovered from teaching intuitive developments to 1000’s of people.  

  • The secret to consistent intuition.

  • I will help you overcome the blocks and doubts that plague so many  people.

  • The key to how all intuition happens.

  • How to Trust your Intuition.

  • Practical tools to help you feel confidently intuitive.


This course has details and tools to help you trust your intuition and to be the most intuitive person in the room!

I share with you the secrets I have been teaching my students for years!

Your Investment!



  • Spirit Guide Video

    In this video I share with you everything you need to know about spirit guides. You will discover who they are and how they contact you. This video will give you more information about how to distinguish between your spirit guide and your ego voice.

  • How to Distinguish Spirit

    In this PDF I share some secrets on how to notice energy changes in your energy field so you can detect when spirit is around you. You will learn the identification process I have been teaching my intuitive development students for over 15 years. This will help you discern if you are connecting with a guide, angel or deceased loved one.

  • Learn Psychometry

    In this PDF you will receive step by step instructions on how to get intuitive impressions from objects and photos. Psychometry is the ability to intuitively sense or read the energy of an object or photo by touching it. For many this is an easy way to get intuitive messages for others.

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