Divine Love Meditation

    Raise Your Frequency!

    Receiving is all about the vibrational frequency of Divine Love, nothing more, nothing less.

    This meditation creates a true peace and unconditional love in your heart which is the fastest way to Raise Your Vibration!


    Being of service is the Divine expression of giving and receiving and fear blocks this expression. When you raise your vibration to the energy of love instead of fear Grace fills your energy and you feel more on purpose.

    I’ve had clients do this meditation for 4-5 days a week and they’ve:

    • Had mystical experiences like Oneness and falling in love with everything and everyone
    • Manifested money
    • Manifested a new home
    • Created great relationships
    • Found the perfect job
    • And so much more!

    This is the most powerful meditation I have ever experienced. It is shifting big energy. I love doing it and look forward to practicing it daily. Thank you so much for creating this! 

    Kristen Frangie