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Jumpstart and expand your intuition fast with this 5-day Intuition challenge. This is the information I wish I knew when I was developing and perfecting my intuitive abilities!


I will be sharing with you the secret to consistent intuition using practical tools to help you feel confidently intuitive. Plus (and this is what so many people want) I will help you overcome the blocks and doubts that plague so many people when they first discover the depth of the intuition that lives inside them. 

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Meet Melissa Feick

Here's what other Light Workers are saying about Melissa Feick

“A significant takeaway for me is that i have learned to trust my inner knowing-my higher self. I would feel that my remarks were  incomplete if I didn't mention Melissa's authenticity. She is down to earth and doesn't take herself too seriously.”


Russel F. Cowgill 

"Melissa is a great teacher and the experience was invaluable. 

It was a great blend of knowledge and practice, one of the best things I've done for myself in years." 

Shanika Malcolm

“ I did the Intuitive Development class with Melissa that was very eye opening and helped me trust my intuition.”

Aimee Stalvey