Attention: Spiritual SeekersIntuitives, Light Workers, and Empaths!

It's Time to Reclaim Your Intuition and Overcome Fear and Doubt Now 


Discover practical & effective methods to advance your intuition quickly! 

Trying to awaken to your intuition can create uncertainty since your ego tends to keep you distracted, confused and disconnected from your intuition. You don't know if you can trust the answers you receive and you struggle with following your intuitive guidance.



Your intuition can be your best friend since it can give you great advice but you've had trouble finding the best training to excel your intuition quickly. You keep hearing the same advice, to meditate and write down your dreams, that is the old slow method of advancing your intuition. 


Although that is good advice, it didn't give you the immediate results you wanted. Receiving good intuitive guidance within yourself seems like a far away dream. You see others trusting and following your guidance and you wonder when that will be you. 


You are sensitive to energy but you have trouble distinguishing the energy and it can feel overwhelming. Even when you receive some intuitive hits, you don't always trust it and you want to feel like the intuitive answers you get are powerful and clear. It looks so easy when you watch others but discouraging when you try to do it yourself.


What happens is that you are used to listening to your analytical, ego mind which will create conflicting thoughts and feelings that confuse you and you don't know what to do. This world is stressful and the ego part of you wants to control your world to avoid difficulty or disaster that will drain your energy and take your power away. 


But... you don't have to experience that anymore!


Intuitive Awakening Series

Shift your perspective of intuition and to get easy, fast intuitive answers! 

  • You will learn advanced intuitive techniques that will show you how to trust your intuition


  • You will feel more empowered and confident with your intuitive hits


  • You will easily recognize the difference between your ego voice and your intuitive voice


The Intuitive Awakening Series is for you if:

  • ​​You are looking for a resource to help you feel more confident with your intuition...

  • Want to understand how to receive guidance without needing to know who your guides are...

  • Want to activate your third eye

  • Desire advanced Energy Techniques to activate your connection with spirit

  • Yearn to learn how to Trust your Intuition

  • Want Access to Practical tools to help you feel confidently intuitive 

Here's what other intuitive have to say about the

Intuitive Awakening Series...

Karen Ogden

"The biggest benefits that I received from the Intuitive Development course is that I have been able to reach a higher vibration in my daily life, more calmness as I go throughout the day and learning to trust what I actually know.  Melissa has a great style of teaching the material to break the connection down to our Higher Selves.  She takes the time to convey in the material the pitfalls to be aware of as she may blend in life stories.

Melissa is very authentic about her passion in guiding people to develop their intuitive muscle and it comes through in her teaching that she is very developed in her intuitive development.   The recorded meditations reflect her calming spirit.

My biggest breakthrough is realizing that I can trust what I know and to keep that connection to my Higher Self.  Following Melissa’s daily practice routine of grounding and clearing the chakras is a real game changer on how I started being more congruent within myself.   The course really opened me up to understanding my intuitive abilities."

"Melissa’s Intuitive Awakening Series has opened me up to experience higher vibrational energy in new and more meaningful ways. Melissa’s down-to-earth style cuts through the crap, and the information really resonates. The classwork involves important self reflection that led to serious aha moments for me and helped me progress in my ascension. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, humor, creativity and many other gifts with us, Melissa! Picking your book over others has led to so much more - so blessed. 😊"


De'an Bass








Why work with me?

  • You will let go of your doubts about being intuitive

  • I will share the secret to consistent Intuition 

  • I will help you overcome the blocks and doubts that plague so many  people


  • You will receive concise, easy to follow instructions that will help you instantly tap into your intuition

  • You will feel more empowered and the creator of your life instead of a bystander





"It is empowering.

How interesting!

I never really thought of this

in such a light before. 

Thank you Melissa

for sharing your clarity of insight! "

-Bev, Member







This is for advanced intuitives and newbies.

How can it be for both?

  • I have over 15 years experience helping people like you nurture their intuitive gifts.

    I chose the best techniques I've used helping thousands of intuitives to be included in this series!


  • I also understand the confusion and struggle so many of my clients have faced trying focus on their intuition. 



  • The techniques I teach in this Series are designed for those who are unsure or don't always trust their intuition.

What's Included Inside

Here's what's included:




Course #1


This Intuitive Development class has been created to assist you in discovering your Intuitive gifts. Learn to connect to your own Intuition and Psychic senses to receive messages and information from your angels, guides and Masters. This class will include practical experience and guided meditations.


The best way to develop your intuition is to practice. The psychic centers are like muscles. If ignored, they become atrophied. Come and develop your psychic muscles with us!! 

(Value : $400)



Course #2

This exclusive course will help you not to just understand chakras but it supplies you with practical tools and meditations to support you in your life! Join us on an energetic adventure where you will be experiencing and exploring the chakras and energy systems related to the chakras.


This is a practical, tangible training which will incorporate your body, mind and soul. This workshop is designed for all healers and intuitives. 

(Value : $197)




Course #3

Jumpstart and expand your intuition fast with this 5-day Intuition challenge. This is the information I wish I knew when I was developing and perfecting my intuitive abilities!


I will be sharing with you the secret to consistent intuition using practical tools to help you feel confidently intuitive. Plus (and this is what so many people want) I will help you overcome the blocks and doubts that plague so many people when they first discover the depth of the intuition that lives inside them. 

(Value : $550)



Course #4

The third eye meditation will activate your third eye and the next level of telepathy with dimensional beings. I am going to share a few videos with you.


One is about the third eye and telepathy and the other is on the third eye. You will also find a third eye activation mediation. I suggest you watch the videos before you dive into the meditation since it will activate certain neuropathways that will help activate your telepathy and third eye.

(Value : $45)




Automatic writing is an easy, fast tool you can use to hone and expand your intuition. In this video I share some practical advice to start using Automatic Writing to increase your intuition today! 

(Value : $100)



In this video, you will learn what it means to psychically protect yourself and how to do it quickly. You will walk away from this information feeling more empowered and confident.

(Value : $75)



In this PDF, I share with you the Ten Best Crystals to Increase Intuitive and Psychic Abilities. This is a practical list that will explain the properties of each crystal and how to use them.

(Value : $25)










TOTAL VALUE : $ 1,392



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Meet Melissa Feick

Hi! I’m Melissa Feick.

I’ve been a professional intuitive for over 20 years and teaching Intuitive Development to people just like you for over 15 years.

I’ve always liked teaching and consider myself to be a “natural teacher.” So it’s fun for me to think about how to explain the spiritual topics that really light me up. I’m talking about the transformational tools and techniques that really have worked to change my life, and the lives of so many of my clients. I want to share. I really want to help, so I put my all into making it easy for you to understand.

People tell me that I am able to take complex material and share it in a way that makes sense and helps you expand your awareness. Teaching isn’t about knowing facts, although that’s important, teaching is about being able to transfer the information to the students. I find that transference means you receive the understanding, wisdom and cosmic energy of the material! The energy has to connect.

Here's what other Light Workers are saying about Melissa Feick

“A significant takeaway for me is that i have learned to trust my inner knowing-my higher self. I would feel that my remarks were  incomplete if I didn't mention Melissa's authenticity. She is down to earth and doesn't take herself too seriously.”


Russel F. Cowgill 

"Melissa is a great teacher and the experience was invaluable. 

It was a great blend of knowledge and practice, one of the best things I've done for myself in years." 

Shanika Malcolm

“ I did the Intuitive Development class with Melissa that was very eye opening and helped me trust my intuition.”

Aimee Stalvey 

Proven Intuitive Techniques

So … how can you receive the fulfilling, life-changing rewards of connecting with this inner knowledge without the confusion?


If that’s something you’ve been yearning for … you’re in the right place!


I’ve developed a powerful new avenue just for you called Awaken Your Intuition Series where I will share some of my best intuitive strategies and secrets to power up your intuition, so you know longer experience those conflicting answers and detours. 


My students and I have used these proven ideas for years,

and they can help you:


 With enhance and motivated creativity 

 Align with your true mission and purpose 

 To intuitively navigate your relationships (personal and professional) 


My passion is to empower spiritual people like you to connect with the unwavering guidance that’s inside you right now … waiting to be tapped!


Because, I believe whether you’re a newbie or a more advanced intuitive, when you ignite the next level of your intuition it will be life-changing! And this series will not only help you feel more empowered to rely upon your intuition every day but feel so confident in your connection you feel like the most intuitive person in the room.

14 Days Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I get it. Maybe you have invested in courses before which did not stand up to even 10% of your expectation. Nor did it give you any results. 


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If in the first 14 days you don’t feel like you got at least 10X the value of your investment I’ll refund 100% of your money no questions asked! That's how sure I am that this program is going to work for you as long as you take action.

When you sign up in the INTUITIVE AWAKENING SERIES, you will:

  • Improve your life

    You really can, once and for all, stop your ego leading the way and sabotaging your unfoldment. When you learn how to rely on your intuition instead, everything in your life changes for the better.

  • Feel empowered.

    This series won’t only help you to feel more empowered but help you feel excited about awakening your intuition. Receive everything you need to know to activate the next level of your intuition. These are methods I teach both beginner and seasoned intuitives because the course meets you where you are in your intuitive awakening.

  • Receive lots of extras and bonuses

    This series is designed so you can do again and again since it builds on your previous experiences. This is the information I wish I knew when I was developing and perfecting my intuitive abilities! I will be sharing with you the secret to consistent intuition using practical tools to help you feel confidently intuitive. 


Intuitive Awakening Series

Stop doubting your intuition!

Access The Following Courses:

Intuitive Development Course ($400)

Divine Chakra Course ($197)

Awaken Your Intuition Course ($550)

Third Eye Pyramid and Telepathy  ($45)

Automatic Writing ($100)

Spiritual Protection ($75)

10 Best Crystals ($25)

Total Value : $1,392

Regular Price : $197

Yours Today For : $47

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The regular price for this bundle is $197. And the special price of $47 is available only for a very limited time. We would be raising the price back to $197 soon. So, take advantage of this special price while the offer still lasts..!!

I love the whole meditation. A quick tune-up that can be used for ANY situation, not just intuition. By the way, I got an immediate answer to my question. My ego doesn’t “like” it, but it is definitely a viable option. Thank you so much for sharing these pearls of wisdom with us!​


-   Jill, Member

Now only $47

Accelerate your intuitive power to the next level. This program won’t only help you to feel more empowered but help you feel excited about awakening your intuition. 

  • Intuitive Development Course

  • Divine Chakra Course

  • Awaken Your Intuition Course

  • Third Eye Pyramid & Telepathy Course

Plus these Special Bonuses:

  • Automatic Writing

  • Spiritual Protection

  • 10 Best Crystals


I've taken intuitive classes before. How is yours different?

This isn't one class, it's a series that builds upon itself. There are special exercises and meditations that you won't see anywhere else. This isn't your average intuitive course, it's a life transforming course that helps you open to your intuition quickly easily.

What if I already have some intuition?

What if I'm an Empath or sensitive to energy?

I don't know how to meditate.

What if I've never been intuitive?

Will I have the time for this course?

This series is designed for busy people! You can do parts of the course and an exercise in 20 minutes. You don't have to do everything at once unless you choose to! Each course in the series has videos, exercises and meditations and you can choose where you want to stop. The material will be waiting for you when you want to spend a little time connecting to your inner voice.

“I just wanted you to know personally how much the work we did has had a profound and lingering effect on my life. It’s almost as if my “intuition” has taken over. I feel complete inner peace. I feel myself moving about the world as a very different “me” but the same me too. I want you to know that our work together has propelled me to a very loving place where I feel my higher self guiding me. I feel myself resonate in that place."

Cathy B.